We rent out electric moutainbikes to explore the beautiful country side. Sierra Nevada has many beautiful wide gravel roads, which makes it very pleasant to ride fairly easy on your bicycle. 

We charge 50€ a day per e-MTB (we have 2)

This electric bicycle has an integrated battery, with the geometry of conventional bicycles and with great range (155km 720W battery).

The Atom range incorporates a new BH Drive-1E 36V motor, more compact and lighter for high performance and maximum power in sports use, with great sensitivity and response. It has a maximum torque of 80 Nm.

The relative position of the lightest elements of the system (motor and battery) allows a low center of gravity, guaranteeing a reactive and stable bike without sacrifices in terms of geometry.

Its BH-patented "TS System" integrates the battery into the diagonal tube in a simple and minimalist way. It incorporates a color LCD display with more than 40 parameterizable functions and ergonomic remote control.

The BH Atom range incorporates BH's patented Turn & Slide "TS System", with a simple and minimalist integration of the battery in the diagonal tube, on its upper part, which allows the design and aesthetics of a conventional frame