Güéjar Sierra lies just next to Granada. Granada is a very old city and lived for many years under Moorish rule.


The most spectacular part of Granada is the Alhambra. The Alhambra is the fortress and palace where many Moorish monarchs lived and is beautiful for its Moorish architecture, art and the immense gardens, and it was also top-listed to be one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. It is absolutely necessary to book your tickets in advance here . Make sure you buy a general day ticket.


The old part of Granada, called the Albaicin, built against the sunny side of the hill, rises up from Granada and testifies to 5 centuries of Moorish culture. You can wonder round its narrow streets, have a nice glass of wine and a tapa in one of the small bars, or enjoy the beautiful views of the city and the Alhambra. 


Next to the Albayzin you find the Sacromonte, the gipsy part of the city. This area is also built against a hill and is famous for its cave houses. Here you will find the original Flamenco in its bars and streets.


Costa Tropical


Within an hour drive is the Mediterranean Sea, the Granada coastline is the Costa Tropical and owes its name to the very different climate that you find there. The difference in temperature and humidity is striking and, therefore, you can easily go to the beach in wintertime after a morning of intensive skiing in the mountains and enjoy a nice warm afternoon on one of the many beautiful beaches. The Costa Tropical has also many beautiful picturesque villages, worth a visit. And, of course, do not forget to have an nice lunch in a fish restaurant on the beach.





The valley between the south sloopes of Sierra Nevada and the sierra de Contraviesa is called the Alpujarras. It has a very rich history and was the last refuge for the Morish untill the Catolicos conquered the area and they were banned. You still find the old villages in morish style, the land scaped and irrigated as it was 1000 years ago. The roads are small and windy and you will find yourself in a completely other world. You can make a daytrip from the B&B and have a very nice impression, eat some tipical food and buy the famous Jamon Serrano from Trevelez.



Camino de Cabra to Almuñecar, Rio Verde, Embalse de Bermejales


In stead of driving via the motorway to the beach you can chose the Camino de Cabra, which will lead you via small windy roads through the grain fields, pine woods, mountains and tropical vegetation to Almuñecar. In the mountains you will find the Rio Verde where you can make a spectacular canyoning trip.


A bit before reaching Rio Verde you can take a turn to the Embalse de Bermejales, where you can swim or have a nice picknic.



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